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1_bibliophiliac's Journal

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This is a personal journal and contains book reviews, DVD reviews, vignettes, mini-biographies and essays. It contains little graphical content. This BLOG is a reflection of me, which means eclectic, manic and verbal/literary, but not especially visual.

My older posts contain a lot of opinions and jokes. I took a two year hiatus from blogging, and during that break my interests, personality and habits changed. I was really into politics, and now I'm more into science, philosophy and engineering. I was a whimsical wino; now I'm serious and sober (although I still attempt humor). I realized that I not only had a destructive alcohol habit, but an ego problem which made me opinionated, argumentative, self-righteous, confrontational and generally annoying. I haven't entirely fixed that problem, but I'm working on it.

I write but rarely get paid for it. I read for information and entertainment, and I read a lot. I'm currently writing a speculative novel set in the near future. I've also been condensing, culturally translating and simplifying some related Taoist and Zhang Buddhist philosophy into a single small volume tentatively titled The Way to the Path.

When I'm not reading, writing, watching films, gardening, building something or making a living, I'm designing habitats, machines and systems. I keep busy.